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At UK Lottery we always enjoy a good laughter so we thought it would be a good idea to kick-start this blogroll with a compilation of some of our favourite Lottery commercial videos.

Win the Lottery, Loose Your Privacy

Bodyguards and personal safety personnel is something that at least in the UK is reserved to some seriously rich and/or high profile individuals, politicians, artists and the like. But winning the lottery could prove to be quite troublesome if that means having bodyguards follow you around all day because of a kidnapping threat or something. Allow me to illustrate:



Winning the Lottery, a Game-Changer

Winning the lottery would most certainly change the life of anyone but for some people someone winning the lottery would be a completely game changer in their own personal lives. Say your wife is about to leave you for your accountant and you just happened to win the lottery; how’s that for a game-changer? Check it out:


I’ve just won the lottery, I QUIT!

Most people I know that has played the lottery or dreamed about winning the lotto say that quitting their job (and giving their boss a piece of their mind in the process) is the first thing they’d do if they won the lottery.

I know it’s possibly the first thing I would do too but you better be a 100% sure you’re holding the winning ticket or that day-dream of yours may just fire back:


A New Type of Love

The winnings from the lottery in most places are paid out on one single exhibition which  results in some people blowing it all up in one year and going back to bankruptcy. Other type of game, however,  offer you to win a fixed amount of money every week or month for a give period of time. E.g. Win £5,000 every month for 25 years.

It’s no surprise that winning something like this would spark such an unconventional new love:


Student Brighter than the Teacher

And finally, our very favourite. This is actually a compilation of funny lotto commercials but almost at the end (min. 3:41) there’s a commercial for a scratchcards that we just loved!  Check it out:

We hope you enjoyed this first post. Stay tuned because in our next blog post we’re going to talk about Lottery Syndicates, what they are, how they work, advantages and disadvantages plus our share of ideas on the subject.