The Health Lottery is a lottery game available to players in the UK only where players choose five different numbers between 1 and 50 in order to win money prizes. This lottery scheme manages 51 society lotteries that represent a different geographical region of Great Britain and they are rotated constantly. The purpose of the Health Lottery is to raise fund to tackle health inequalities in their respective areas.

Unlike the UK Lottery which is a national lottery, the Health Lottery is not national but rather a scheme that manages 51 independent societies across Great Britain. The purpose is to give each society an equal chance to take part in the draw and take a share of the funds raised.

Although the Health Lottery has been available since 2011, the idea behind this health fundraising lottery goes all the way back to ’98; even before the National Lottery.

Back then it was named the National Health Service Lottery or NHS Lottery and it was found to be illegal just after its launch. The assets of the failed NHS Lottery were bought by Altala Group in 2007 and then it was purchased by Health Lottery Ltd in 2009. The Health Lottery was finally granted a license by the Gambling Commission and launched on September 2011.

The draw of the Health Lottery took place initially only on Saturdays but to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Health Lotto, “Win Wednesdays” was introduced. The prize structure for the draw on Wednesday is the same as for Saturdays so now there are two draws happening each week.

Draws are televised and broadcasted live on Channel 5 every Wednesday & Saturday and they’re hosted by the beautiful British presenter Jenny Powell at 9:55 pm.

How to play the Health Lottery?

Playing the Health Lottery will cost you just £1 per line and you must be 16 years old or over. Each ticket has usually five lines but can bet on up to 40 lines.

You must pick five different numbers from 1 to 50. If you can’t decide which numbers to pick, you can always opt for the “Quick Pick” option which will choose five different numbers at random for you.

You then must select whether you want to enter your numbers for the Wednesday or Saturday draw or for both. In the same manner, you must choose how many weeks you wish to play for. You can play just this week or play for up to 8 weeks in advance.

To win, you must match your main numbers with those that come up during the draw plus the bonus ball. A minimum of two matching numbers plus the bonus ball is needed to cash a prize. This matching combination will win you £10 prize.

Prizes increase as you match more and more balls. Matching just three balls will payout £20 to players; add a bonus ball to that and you’ll get a £50 cash prize. The next cash prize goes up to £250 for matching just four main numbers.

To win it big at the Health Lottery you’ll need to match four numbers plus the bonus ball and you will be £10,000 richer. And to win the ultimate cash prize of £100,000 you must match all five numbers of your line.

Health Lottery games include also Bingo and Scratchcards with HUGE prizes.

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All-and-all the Health Lottery offers a great opportunity to win a massive £100,000 cash prize while contributing to good causes.

Unlike the UK Lottery, the Health Lotto is not a national game and the raised funds are not managed by the government. This should give a piece of mind to anyone concerned with the “stealth tax” theory about the National Lottery.

If you’d like to be part of this wonderful charity-purposed lottery, click the button below to play the Health Lottery online and start winning cash whilst helping!