What is LottoLand?

Lottoland is an innovative online service that allows you to place bets on the outcome of the most popular lottery games the world around.

Unlike buying a lottery ticket at your local retailer shop, where most of the time you only have access to your National Lottery games with LottoLand you can bet online on lotteries from other countries. This gives you a unique opportunity to bet on the outcome of the World’s most popular lottery PLUS have a real chance of winning a Jackpot cash prize that it’s just as big as the original.

Furthermore, since LottoLand is not a state-owned lottery franchiser of the National Lottery or any other government-owned lottery, you can win twice the amount of the lottery Jackpot prize. How? Why? Where? Well, keep on reading because we’ll tell you all about it in this LottoLand review.

Is Lottoland safe?

Online lottery providers are popping up everywhere in the world. Each new lottery website offers more lotto games from more countries than the other, real-time alerts, Syndicates, Bulk Price deals and so many more attractive options that make playing lottery online a whole new game.

The only problem now is choosing a reputable, trustworthy and attractive lottery provider for all your lotto needs and this is where my Lottoland review comes into the picture or post.

Is Lottoland a scam?

The first question I ask about any online lottery provider is: is it safe? is the lottery provider a scam? I can’t image anything worse than putting your money down to wager, winning a prize and then have the provider make excuses for not paying out.

Lottoland is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission for customers in Great Britain and it’s a member of the The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association Limited.. So you can be sure that Lottoland is not a scam!

How does LottoLand work?

Lottoland is not another UK lottery franchiser but rather a well-established, respected and regulated online company that allows players from around the world to place wager on the outcome of different lottery games.

So, rather than selling tickets of official state lotteries Lottoland offers bets on their outcome and offers real cash prizes that are just as lucrative as the original state lottery prizes.

How does LottoLand differ from local retailers?

Well from a lottery player perspective, the mechanics of the game and result are the same.That is to say that Lottoland.com treats all customers as if they had played the official lottery. For example:

  • A bet at Lottoland.com usually costs the same as buying an official ticket (exceptions apply).
  • The payout usually is the same as in the official lottery (exceptions apply).
  • Jackpot-Wins are treated as if the winner would have won the underlying lottery.

What makes betting on lottery at Lottoland very interesting and unique is the fact that you actually stand a chance to win TWICE AS MUCH as you’d normally do if you only played your national lottery game.

How? Well, say you like playing the lottery. You head over to your local retailer or you buy your tickets online. You pick 5 numbers between 1 – 50 plus your two “Lucky Star Numbers” and you pay your £2. Now you head over to LottoLand.com, sign in and head over to the lottery game section. You pick the exact same 5 numbers between 1 and 50 plus the same two Lucky Start numbers and place your wager which costs the same as the original lottery ticket you bought from the state-owned lottery.

In the state-owned lottery game if there are two winning tickets, that is two lottery tickets with the same numbers which have matched the numbers in the draw, the total cash prize for those matching numbers would be split among these two. If you and someone else bought the same numbers, you’ll get half the prize.

BUT if you bet on the draws outcome at LottoLand using the same numbers and those numbers match the ones in the draw then instead of splitting the prize in two, you actually get to cash out TWICE AS MUCH MONEY! One of those cash prizes will come from the National Lottery and the other will be paid out by Lottoland.

What lotteries can I bet on Lottoland?

There are currently four different lotteries available to bet on at Lottoland: EuroJackpot,  MegaMillions and PowerBall with more to be released soon in the coming months. These new games will include the UK Lottery and Irish Lottery games.

PowerBall Lottery

For the first time UK lottery players have a chance to conquer America and walk-away with a mouth-watering Jackpot prize. Powerball lottery happens twice a week and it’s the USA’s highest paying lotto game.

MegaMillions Lottery

The MegaMillions lottery holds the record for being the lottery game that has paid out more times than any other lottery in the world.


The EuroJackpot lottery brings together fourteen European countries including Denmark, Germany, Finland, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden among other to offer you a Jackpot prize usually between €10 and €90 million in pure cash!

Who can play at Lottoland?

Lottoland welcomes players from all around the world but I’m sure that many players from the UK and Germany will be more familiar with the brand; as these are the countries where it’s most popular.

Basically any player from any country around the world except for Spain and U.S. players. The reason being is simply that Lottoland’s license in these countries is currently in process, so our American and Spanish friends may want to stay tuned.

On that note, I want to highlight the security and safety of Lottoland. First thing is first, communication. When you have a query or want to withdraw your winnings, you need someone on the line. Lottoland’s 24-Hotline has you covered. Any day, any time, there’s always someone on the Hotline to speak to.

All players money and winnings are also protected, so there are no Houdini games with your money. All funds are insured through EMIRAT A.G. of Munich and I should note that they’re the only TÜV certified lottery provider in the game. Fairness in the games, their internal processes and payouts are audited by KPMG.

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