Ever thought of earning money from home without any investment? Earning through affiliate marketing is not any scam and people are making hundreds of dollars every month by affiliating to different websites. Today we are going to review a website “MyLotto.com”, that is said to be one of the pioneers of the online affiliate programs in the lottery field.

What is MyLotto?

Mylotto.com is an official online marketing platform for Jackpot.com and has over 10,000 affiliates from around the globe. Founded back in 2006, Mylotto.com worked as the master affiliate for TheLotter for almost 10 years and earned its reputation as the leader in the field of online lotto affiliate programs.

Now, what is Jackpot.com and why does MyLotto.com is its affiliate? Well, Jackpot.com provides a platform where people from around the globe can place their bets on lottery results and take part in localized offerings like UK syndicates. It is a totally safe and authenticated platform. It is properly managed and regulated website which has been offering great marketing opportunities to people from all over the world since the past 10 years.

How and For What I’ll Get Paid?

The question that might boggle your mind is how and for what a common person will get paid? Let us tell you how. Whenever a person who will register with Jackpot.com and purchase a lottery ticket from their website by your reference, you will get paid based on your selected deal type.

Now as far as the payments are concerned, they are done in two ways. Either the payment is done by the method you have chosen and listed in you Account’s detail or by the method you have provided personally to your Account Manager. All the revenue and commission for Jackpot.com is calculated in Euros. So, all the payments are made in EURO as well.

Promotions at MyLotto

Every lottery product is different from others and it is easy to recommend online ticket as most of people get very excited to buy tickets from one of the biggest lotteries in the world. New affiliates get a 15% revenue share commissions for the first 3 months. After that, they are automatically switched to the default commission of 10%. The affiliates can choose their desired payment from their wide variety of payment methods. These methods include bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, WebMoney and more.

Revenue Share – Special Promotion for new affiliates (first 3 months)

Month % of gross revenue you receive
1 15%
2 15%
3 15%
4 10% -15 %

CPA Model (cost per acquisition)

You can also choose a CPA model for getting paid, in which Mylotto will pay you a big sum or money for every member that will purchase a lottery from their site by your reference. If the players referred by you increase, then you will be paid more for every player.

MyLotto Tools

(source: https://gaffg.com/affiliate-programs/mylotto/)

Text links and a large selection of banners are provided to affiliates which contain many of the popular lottery tickets. The players can buy these tickets. The tickets are provided in many languages. Mylotto also includes the upcoming draws for lotteries, thanks to their dynamic data with RSS feeds and iframes.

Mylotto is Free

Mylotto.com program is totally free. All you have to do is complete and submit the application and their team will assist you in setting up your account and launching your campaign.

Lottery games available at My Lotto.

Mylotto.com is offering a chance to earn by promoting and referring the sale of a total six lotteries from Jackpot.com.

    • PowerBall
    • EuroJackpot
    • ThunderBall
    • EuroMillions
    • Mega Millions
    • UK Lotto


The US Powerball is a global lottery which is actually one of the biggest jackpots in the history of the world. The minimum jackpot prize is $40 million. However, there is no limit for the maximum jackpot, which means winner can take home any sum of money depending upon the total collection by the Powerball administration for the current lottery that you are betting on. The highest Jackpot ever won was $1.586 Billion on 13th January 2016. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powerball).The odds of winning a prize are quite good I.e. 1 in 24.87. However, hitting the jackpot is what most people aim for. And trust me the figures are just mind boggling. The odds for winning the jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338.


EuroJackpot comes with a massive sum 90,000,000 Euros in the box, all ready to be distributed among the winners. The minimum Jackpot is of €10 million whereas the maximum jackpot a lucky winner will win is €90 million. The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 26. However, the odds of winning a jackpot are 1 in 95.344.200 which is far better than the odds of the Powerball’s jackpot.


There is a set price of £500,000 on every winning combination. The odds of winning are 1 in 13 and odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 8,060,598. So, if you are looking for a lottery in which chances of winning are high than we suggest betting for the Thunderball.


It’s not a surprise that EuroMillions has earned its status as the most popular draw in Europe. The reason is the jackpot price. The minimum jackpot that can be won is €17 Million and the thing that makes this lottery a lot more interesting is the maximum jackpot. If you are a lucky person, you can win a mighty €190 Million euros. The odds of winning the Jackpot is 1 in 139,838,160


Being one of America’s major draws, Mega million has been producing some insane jackpots. The minimum jackpot is of $40 million and there is no limit of a maximum jackpot. The highest Mega Million jackpot that is ever won was mountainous $1.537 billion back in October 2018 (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Millions). The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 302,575,350.

UK Lottery

UK Lottery is one of Europe’s most popular and biggest national lotteries. Around 4,400 million have emerged just because of UK lotto. The minimum jackpot is of £2.5 million and the maximum jackpot is of £22 million. Odds of winning any prize is 1 in 9.3 and odds of winning the jackpot is 1 in 1,45,057,474.

How MyLotto keep tracks of your activity?

This is all done by using trackers which enable them to generate your activity and commission reports. The tracker is unique tracking codes which are generated right after you sign up as an affiliate, and these trackers are used to measure your marketing activity. This is how a record of your activity is kept which ensures that your account is credited automatically and accurately.